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Nokia used to be the most popular brand since the birth of mobile phones in Bangladesh and there are certain causes behind it. It was able to win the hearts of millions of people with its very affordable price, people’s friendly design, simplistic approach, and outstanding features. Not just in Bangladesh, if you look at the history, most top-selling phones in the world are from this brand in the pre-smartphone era. Nokia 1110, 1200, N8, 2600, E71, 6610 are some of the stunning devices from this classy brand. Nokia has been manufacturing a wide range of phones with very different kinds of specifications and facilities.

  • Nokia 800 Tough

    • Released: 2019, October
    • OS: KaiOS
    • Display: 2.4" 240x320 pixels
    • Camera: 2MP
    • RAM: 512MB RAM Snapdragon 205
    • Battery: : 2100mAh Li-Ion